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Re: Shuttlebay 02 - USS Enterprise 1701 D - TNG

Capt Dazio wrote: View Post
The walls are high and good size.
The core is made of plastic, the walls are also made of cardboard plume material cheap and convenient. It is a mounting white, apart from the side which is already stuck.

Hi, "Capt. Dazio." Welcome to the BBS.

This is some interesting work, but I'm going to make a suggestion. Note that I'm not an "official" here, but there are some standards we follow here and I'm just trying to be helpful.

#1) Instead of posting a string of posts (as you've done), try consolidating it all into a single post. PTrope (our mod) is a reasonable guy, but "technically" what you're doing meets the definition of "spamming." You can edit your posts and copy the contents of the later posts into your initial one, for instance.

#2) You may have noticed that your images aren't showing up. There's nothing wrong with your posts... you simply don't have enough posts to put up images here yet. You'll notice that by my having "quoted" your posts, the images show up. Again... put them into a single post and each "quoted reply" will let them show up.

#3) I haven't seen all your images, but note that there's a "sticky" in the forum which asks to keep image sizes low (1024 wide, max), and to use thumbnails when possible. Again, this being an "art" forum, images are sort of expected... but I've gotten a few comments about my own tendency to post big images and lots of them, and unless it's my own thread, I try very hard to only post thumbnails. Worth considering.

Again... nice work, and welcome!

EDIT: I see the images are showing up now... seems our mod has activated them?

Also, now that I can see, it's clear that you're keeping the images small. So... nevermind!
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