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Shuttlebay 02 - USS Enterprise 1701 D - TNG

To begin, I am sorry not to write indeed, I am French and I do not speak English and I translates from Google. I hope that it will be rather understandable.

Number of models proposed to represent the vessels perfectly highlighted by artists of great talent, at different scales, but we do not find models of internal architectures of these.
The idea of this model was prompted by the purchase of shuttle at 1/72 scale resin.
Can not myself to have these models in the middle of nothing, the urge came to represent their home base.

The model that I wish you to show and which is taken from the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D of the series "The Next Generation", is the Shuttlebay 02 at 1/72 scale.

Initially I wanted to implement the "Holodeck" rather than "Shuttlebay 02 (shed shuttles) because it seemed easier and also because the armored door called the most elaborate "Bulkhead door" (in bow) was common to different rooms, which gave me the opportunity to change my final choice:
- Shuttlebays,
- Room Freight
- Holodeck,
- Areas of transport,
- Room Level Engineering,
Project started in early 2007, I had to make dozens and dozens of hours of research since serious plan (blueprint) existed on the subject, just photos (although I found a very small set of the original two weeks ago and my research confirms).
Viewing, screen shots, setting prices and planning.
What appears, when we began the research, is that the configuration of "Shuttlebay" change throughout the series, colors, amenities, floor markings, etc.. The Shuttlebay 02 is located on the height of bridges 12 and 13 in the port stern of the USS Enterprise. His workshop on deck 14.

On the other hand, there is no difference between "Shuttlebay 02" and "03" in the decor of the series. The directors just change the locations of cameras, show an additional door (port), identical to that side and change the numbering on the ground. In fact they use an old trick that does not cost a cent: They reverse the image, prior to amending the markings on the walls and ground. The width of the curtain that leads into space (momentum) is the same, as seen from outside the "03" is twice as wide as the "Shuttlebay 02.
Curtain or portal is vertical in all indoor shots, but from the outside, we could see a curtain of an inclination of 40 . Complexity that must be solved!
For information, the "Shuttlebay 02" has a dimension less than half that "03", not to mention the "Shuttlebay 01" which has colossal proportions (twice as wide as 03).

The model
The Shuttlebay, itself measured 27cm on 25, but the model brings the 56cm to 30cm on.
The height of the walls (including Beam) is 10.50 cm, but more than 20cm overall.
It will internally Shuttlebay on both corridors of access (bow and starboard) and the outer part of the vessel (in stern hull 40 ).
I intend to keep the doors of the "Bulkhead door" removable to reveal the corridor access Shuttlebay.

Finally, I also represent an ever shown in the series, it is the lift of shuttlebay which provides access to the deck 14. Indeed, like a deck of aircraft carriers, the shuttlebay is necessarily an elevator equipped to evacuate or supply Shuttlebay in the shuttle, as for maintenance.
To do so, given the small size of this room, the elevator will be exclusive to the size of the shuttle type 15 (the smallest of the series equivalent to a twingo). Shuttle type 6 (two times larger than the type 15), have access to Shuttlebay 02 ports, but their place may be that Shuttlebays 03 and 01.
Finally, this model will be equipped with adequate lighting and basic mechanical systems that will make the functional parts.

The first breaking ceremony was conducted around April 2008 (partial realization of the "Bulkhead door"), but the site temporarily dropped, actually started in mid-February 2009.
Before presenting the stages of construction of Shuttlebay 02, I shall post it by the display context of the project.

Status of Shuttlebay 02 - The size of the curtains "Shuttlebays" are clearly visible ... In addition, we can see that the curtains are inclined (40 ), seen from the outside, which is not the case in the interior views that do not appear any more terrace which could explain this difference .

(Below) View of "Shuttlebay" toward the stern ...

(Below) View of "Shuttlebay" toward the stern ... You can see a control booth at the first level, which appears only late in the series.

(Below) View of "Shuttlebay" direction port ... This is the "Shuttlebay 03" in this case.

Here is for the contextual screens.

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