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Re: What if a BSG-styled remake of Babylon 5 was made?

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A team of RDM and JMS would be THE MOST AWESOME, KICKASS, team in all of science-fiction history, and would be a union so grand in it's pure awesomeness, that the universe itself would explode, from an inability to cope with such blinding grandeur.
No, it would be complete bullshit, and would result in the destruction of great characters (Delenn, G'Kar, Lennier, Londo, Vir) all because people like RDM don't like aliens and don't want them on the show, plus instead of Garibaldi overcoming his addiction, he'd be in his cups all the time, like Tigh. Again, no thanks on this remake-at least, not with RDM.

Those that don't like Babylon 5, hear me again; JMS's show may be wacky doodle, but it's his wacky doodle; you don't have to watch it if you don't want to. Remaking it to be like BSG would be ass, and would be a failure, so tough shit for you guys.
You know its always funny when someone gets bent out of shape when someone bad talks a show they like but then bad talks another show.

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Why does everything have to remade into Battlestar Galactica, B5 is fine just the way it is.

Moore's series was not even successful except by the low standards of the SyFy Channel.
see still funny.

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The original BSG was awful and couldn't be brought back without serious changes.
Funny that. Just a year before Fox & Universal had begun production and set building on a continuation, large elements of which ended up cribbed and reused in Moore's bastardization despite his protestations to the contrary.

Fondness for the original was the reason eyeballs looked at his miniseries and yet how significantly did ratings drop off over time for that supposed 'best show on tv'?

To answer the OT, no way should B5 is reimagined like that failed show. Besides andreas katsulas is irreplaceable.
1) Who gives a crap what fox planed to do then didn't do.

2) Insulting another show to defend your show is just rude.

3) NuBSG is getting a spinoff that might last a couple seasons if its good, B5 has yet to have that happen.

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I thought one of the things that made B5 the best show ever made was its perfect tone. It managed to be funny and serious without one compromising the other. BSG, on the other hand, was unrelentingly dark and too much of a downer. While I would like to see the action/budget level stepped up a notch on B5 I wouldn't touch its tone for a second.
Agreed completely. as far as "dark and and gritty" goes, B5 is as dark as sci-fi should get. Every copy of New Galactica should be burned, and it's producers should be put into therapy.

Okay, rant over. That said, B5 is perfect as is. No need for a remake.
Yes because everything a show about the last survivors of an entire race runing for their lives trying to find a new home in a mostly barren galaxy should be all light and happy. I mean the The Holocaust was apparently all smiles and sunshine
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