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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"

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The only thing that confused me is that, in '77, when big Dan is gunned down, little Daniel had already been born, right? . Charlotte was about 4 or 5, Miles was perhaps younger - i figure piano-playing 8 yr old Dan is already off the island. If so, how can Ellie be in 2 places at once...[must be a quick submarine trip]. Did anyone else get the feeling that the first scene with mom and son happened very soon after the last scene with mom & son?
The Others don't even have access to the sub. The sub belongs to Dharma. It's unclear how the Others get back and forth to the mainland before they take control of the sub following the purge. We don't know really know what happened with Ellie....whether she was living a double life (as Widmore apparently was), whether she spent some time on the Island and some off or what. Nor do we know why Faraday's last name is "Faraday" for that matter.
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