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Re: What if a BSG-styled remake of Babylon 5 was made?

My point is that a remake of B5 probably wouldn't turn out to be "basically the same story, but with some new twists thrown in", in the way that most of the people commenting in this thread seem to be framing it. If this were to really be done, then the story would end up getting changed in such a radical way that it wouldn't really be recognizable. This isn't like Lord of the Rings, where the story is so iconic and widely beloved that the creative people are going to be willing to invest years of their lives telling someone else's story. The writers signing on to this thing, if they're really investing themselves into producing dozens of hours of television, are going to want to create something that is truly their own....with a story arc that is wholly unrecognizable as being B5.

But if that's the case.....then I'd say that there isn't really that much point in even making it B5. You might as well just do something original. For me, B5 *is* that story that was told from 1993-1998. Remaking what is basically "a novel for television" then seems like rewriting a writing an updated version of "War and Peace"....what's the point?

That's different from, say, original BSG, where the show is the premise and the characters, and there really isn't much of anything in the way of a story arc that one has to worry about staying true least beyond the setup in the first episode.
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