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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"

above average-
if this does turn out to be Daniel's least we got a buncha gaps of his life filled it, especially his scenes in both S4 premiere and S5 premiere as well as his chat with l'il Charlotte.

(Musing aside, not a spoiler...Even though there are chats with the show creators about no "reset" plans, that events won't be changed...I wouldn't mind seeing a S6 where we see scenes from that original 108 days again from a reset or changed perspective. But I'm a big time loop fan from way back.)

The only thing that confused me is that, in '77, when big Dan is gunned down, little Daniel had already been born, right? . Charlotte was about 4 or 5, Miles was perhaps younger - i figure piano-playing 8 yr old Dan is already off the island. If so, how can Ellie be in 2 places at once...[must be a quick submarine trip]. Did anyone else get the feeling that the first scene with mom and son happened very soon after the last scene with mom & son?
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