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Just saw "The Cage" on TOSR- Help me out here...the Keeper's voice...

One of the complaints I had about the restored version (the combined black&white/color version and then the full color version) was that they combined the original voice of the Keeper with the voice they dubbed in for him in "The Menagerie".

The switching from one voice to another was...strange at best. (If they'd used one for telepathy and the other for his audible voice it might have made SOME kind of sense, but they used both for his audible voice.)

Anyway, it just dawned on me as the episode was ending that during the whole thing, all I'd heard was the voice dubbed in for "The Menagerie".

Didn't catch ONE example of the original voice.

WERE there any such examples? Did I just miss it?

Now, if they'd switched back to the original voice for the whole thing, THAT I could have understood. They'd have had recordings of the lines spoken in that voice for the entire episode...but they shouldn't have had recordings of the dubbed voice for any scenes that didn't get used during "The Menagerie".

And yet, again, NO case (apparently) of the original voice being used.

HOW did they do that? Did TOSR's aired version simply not include any scenes that weren't in "The Menagerie"?

Any of you who have the "Remastered" DVDs... What do YOU hear when you watch the episode? You'd have heard the entire thing, uncut, so did they use only the dubbed voice (the one used in "The Menagerie") in the version on the Remastered DVDs?

I can see why'd they'd have made that choice, since it fits in with the later "Menagerie" flashbacks, but HOW did they get recordings of the Keeper's voice from lines that were never recorded for the flashbacks?

Get what I mean?

Think they re-dubbed any lines that hadn't been redubbed back in the 60s, maybe using a sound-alike voice artist, or even a computerized voice imitation?
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