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Re: STXI DVD/Blu-ray special features wishlist

I could definately get into a blooper reel.

Maybe a featurette or something on the "dressing of the future" or something, sort of like how Lucasfilm did that whole thing on the wardrobe department, and it looks like the wardrobe department went all out this time around, more than usual. So it would be neat to see some of the original sketches and concepts of the uniforms, even what little nods to previous uniforms may be in there that we may not always catch.

Definately a behind the scenes with some of the props and sets

I'd love to see an interview with Nimoy about passing the torch to Quinto

Hell I'd love to see Shatner somehow "fakely" digitally added into a scene as part of the blooper reel! He'd do that.

"No young me, you... need to TALK... like this. And move your... hands. Like so. You get what I'm saying?"

"Sure I do Denny... Crane."

"No, that's DENNYCRANE!"
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