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Re: What is your favorite Star Trek uniform?

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I like the DS9/VGR coveralls (and their FC reincarnations) but they felt more like a class B or class C uniform that was more relaxed and shouldn't be used without a more 'dressy' counterpart.
They were the duty uniform, and both had formal dress uniform counterparts. The Early DS9/Voyager/Generations had the same dress uniform as the revised TNG uni as worn by Jadzia here:

While the black/gray FC and beyond uni had this for the dress uniform:

Just to note that they did indeed have more dressy counterparts.
I remembered the dress uniforms, and I do appreciate the screencaps (and perhaps I should have been more clear) but I still feel like the jumpsuit was too dress-down to be the next uniform down from the dress uniform, if that makes sense.
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