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I'm not sure this show is worth doing a separate thread for each episode, so I'm just going to continue here, and the mod can change the title if that's appropriate.

This week's episode was okay. Not too bad a story, kind of by the numbers, but some decent banter. There was a coherent reason given why the teen Mandarin aka Gene Khan would end up as part of Tony Stark's circle of friends, so that wasn't too contrived. (And I liked Happy Hogan's "KHAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!")

The thing I like best about this show is its look. I think it's improved since the pilot, but the use of color, light, and texture is very good here, making the backgrounds look realistic, especially the cityscapes. Or maybe realistic isn't the word -- there's an almost painted quality to them. It's beautiful, in an understated, slightly grungy sort of way.
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