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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 12: (Ending 03.21.93)
DS9: The Nagus (Airdate 03.21.93)

Easily one of the best Trek episodes involving a lot of Ferengi up to that time ...which isn't saying much, sadly. But, if ever there was an episode that showed how you could milk the whole premise of the race for good laughs, this was it. I wonder how many gave it much of a chance, though -DS9 wasn't exactly having a string of excellence at this point, and trying to convince folks to tune into a Ferengi episode would probably have been difficult.

DS9 takes the week. And now it goes into re-runs again, while TNG gets some solo time with new episodes. Man, what's with all this alternating between the shows, huh? Was Paramount afraid to have its two shows competing with each other? Hmm...

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