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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Genesis is better than Macrocosm alright, but that's not difficult. I don't hate Genesis myself but I can understand why some would and I don't see it as anything special.

Before and After (***)

I'm surprised this one didn't blow me away considering its reputation. It's a good episode, very enjoyable to watch for the most part, but the episode didn't build to anything and the character stuff is a bit hampered by the fact that it isn't really "our" Kes going through this experience.

The story is very good, and there is some great character scenes early on between Kes and Tom, and the Year of Hell scenes are good. But when Kes reaches the "present" the episode suffers a little from exposition and babble of a technological nature, the character story gets a little lost in all of this.

Maybe people love this episode because we get to see a future for Kes on Voyager that we wont get to see on the show, and I can understand people wanting to see that, but I would have enjoyed it more had we seen Kes' past before she joined Voyager. Unfortunately all we get to see is 30 seconds of her with her father and then she's a baby.

And the episode ends with a joke about time, which is the worst way to end a time travel episode.

I don't want to sound negative about the episode because I really did enjoy it and found it to be good fun, but it's not the knockout episode I had hoped it was going to be. Maybe my expectations were too high?
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