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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"

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I thought he was a great actor, what part did you think he was bad in? Well maybe he was a little off during the "memory problem" flashbacks...
Every time he tried to cry or express emotion made me cringe. I guess till now he's been so low-key that I haven't noticed that his acting is unconvincing.

The writers have said repeatedly in interviews that their time travel can't change the past, though, that they think that kind of time travel is garbage and ruins your show of its drama and consequences.
It's not easy to write, because of the "then why does the audience care what happens?" problem - which is why we don't see it attempted very often in TV or movies, and it's pretty rare in novels, too, compared with the more popular forms of time travel logic that don't render the characters powerless.

The advantage is that it's straightforward and easy to grasp, and doesn't lead to annoying logic problems that writers can be tempted to paper over with cheats (eg, ENT's Temporal Cold War).

I think Lost has a shot at pulling it off simply because the characters are compelling enough that they are worth watching even if we suspect they are on a fool's errand, trying to change an unchangeable past.
They'll try to change the past and end up causing the established timeline.
Which means they are supporting the notion that time travel can't change the past - I thought you said you disliked that?
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