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Re: World Premiere/Advance screening discussions [SPOILERS GUARANTEED]

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Is Vulcan blown to bits or is it destroyed in a way in which the planet could have been sucked into an alternate universe timeline as Nero and Spock were?

Is it specified what year the main events take place/how old Kirk is? From what i read Spock prime was confused that Kirk was not Captain yet- does that mean the movie is in 2266?
Vulcan is blown to smithereens. Unless someone has mega industrial strength super glue and alot of spare time (not to mention knowing where and when it got sucked to) it aient coming back save for more time travel.

The opening scene takes place in 2233 - This is where Kirk is born. When we see him as an adult he is 25, making it 2258, and he then spends 3 years at the Academy before boarding the Enterprise, meaning the film should take place around 2260 (Give or take a few months).
If the main part of the movie is 2260, why would Spock-prime be confused that Kirk is not the Capt of the E yet? I thought Kirk Prime didnt take over until around 2265 or 2266- so now Nu-Kirk takes over 5 years earlier than Kirk-prime did?
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