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STXI DVD/Blu-ray special features wishlist

I am really looking forward to the DVD/Blu-ray release of Star Trek XI.
The special features will most likely have a feature-length documentary showing more behind-the-scenes than ever before.
noknowes mentioned in the past 45 minute documentaries were on TV in 1994 when "ST:Generations" came out.

"ST:Nemesis" came out in December 2002 and since then feature-length documentaries of making-of the films have become pretty regular on DVD 2-disc editions. Now you know Paramount wants to squeeze more $ out of you so they will probably put out 2 editions this November.
bare bones with a 10 minute EPK type of featurette and a 2-disc DVD/Blu-ray with all the real stuff.

Considering Paramount has behind-the-scenes HD cameras from the shoot and also has 'access' to their CBS property "Entertainment Tonight" who shoots their own HD cameras when they visit the sets there is the potential to have a really nice documentary. I mentioned they could cover the two ST conventions but that wouldn't leave them much time to edit in the August footage for legal department to approve the content & for DVD/Blu-ray authoring and replication to distribution by late November. So on that note I wouldn't be surprised if a 'special edition' included a polished documentary that came out in Summer 2010.
I would love to have 1960s archival 16mm film interviews of Gene Roddenberry (telecined to HD) and cut in with JJ Abrams talking about his original vision for the Star Trek universe and this film as reimagined in an alternate universe. Also additional interviews through the 1980s with Roddenberry would be great.

-a Michael & Denise Okuda text commentary
-3 or 4 deleted scenes
-a featurette of a sitdown interview with ST:XI production designer Scott Chambliss and Trek veteran scenic art supervisor & technical consultant Michael Okuda to discuss the new Enterprise exteriors and interiors.
-outtake (blooper) reel

As fans we would love to see some slideshow of storyboards and design concepts of the new wardrobe, ship's interiors, props.

Hell I'd love to see ST:XI DVD get the same treatment as "SE7EN" and "Fight Club" with 4 commentary tracks. Knowing Paramount though I doubt we'll get more than 2 (as are on the new 'Star Trek Motion Picture Collection' Blu-ray/DVD) . Probably one with JJ Abrams and producers, and one with the actors.

They could also have a 10 minute featurette on the making-of the 'Star Trek:Online' MMORPG videogame (tentatively) for 2010 release. Not just interviews about the content but showing the behind-the-scenes of designing the ships, planets, space stations, characters, wardrobe

I would like to see if the BBC or Channel 4 in the UK did a documentary on Gene Roddenberry in 1970s, 80s, or 1990s that they could license.
On the DVD "The Exorcist: 25th Anniversary Special Edition" there is a 75-minute BBC documentary originally created by the British BBC for television broadcast in the UK.
"The French Connection" DVD also had a BBC 54 minute documentary made by the same people.

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