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Re: Three Years Of Starscream: A Celebration

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Congrats, though. I don't know if I would consider an anniversary on this or any other BBS a major milestone in my life, though.
I think it is more a credit to the TrekBBS that it is able to hold on to members for so long. Many of us have been here nearly a decade. We've got a good community here.
It's really quite shocking to think I've been a member of this community for about a third of my life. I turn 25 on Sunday.

Heh. I just checked my stats for the heck of it...I averaged 4.13 posts per day during my nearly eight-year stay.
Heh, yeah. I just turned 24 last week, and I had my 9-year anniversary about a week before that. I've been here MORE than a third of my life!
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