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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"

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I may never watch the show again.
You're going to stop watching because of one character (a guest star even)?

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^^^ I don't buy that. These are people armed with knowledge about events to come. If they want, they can change things. You can argue that the consequences would be so severe that they wouldn't want to change things. But, that's very different than saying they can't.
To assume they can alter the past is to assume they weren't in the past originally.
That's not true at all. They are back in time but they have knowledge of the future. There currently is one timeline but they can force another. That's what we're talking about here, creating a new timeline. Or maybe, they enter a parrallel universe. The original universe stays intact but they effectively create a new one?

Mr Awe
You're missing my point. How can they force another if they were always there back in time in the first? They always had knowledge of the future and always took actions with that in mind. It's not that they can cause different results to take place. They already used their free will to create the future we know. From our perspective, these events took place in the 70s, even if that isn't the case from their perspective.

The other theory (that they can take actions to change time) is certainly a plausible one and the characters right now are proceeding with that in mind (because it makes the episodes more dramatic and suspenseful). It could be true that Farraday's original theory was wrong. But my guess is that it isn't. The past always happened and they were always part of it.
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