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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"

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My take is that Faraday was deluding himself thinking he could change the past after three years of desperation, and that it will be proven you CAN'T change the past.
Yeah, I'm guessing that part of the endgame of the series may be about the losties trying to prevent their own plane from crashing in the first place, but it won't happen. As Locke said early in the season "I needed that pain, to get to where I am now". They'll eventually come to realize that they needed to crash on that island, and it would be a mistake to undo it, even if they could.

Also, on another topic, Faraday has to already have been born by 1977 if he's a professor at Oxford in 1996, no? So did he spend his early years on the island? Was he living off-island, and Hawking went back and forth to the mainland or something?
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