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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"

Jenee wrote: View Post
I may never watch the show again.
You're going to stop watching because of one character (a guest star even)?

Mr Awe wrote: View Post
^^^ I don't buy that. These are people armed with knowledge about events to come. If they want, they can change things. You can argue that the consequences would be so severe that they wouldn't want to change things. But, that's very different than saying they can't.
To assume they can alter the past is to assume they weren't in the past originally. If they went back in time because they were always back in time, then they can only do what they always do. They have free will, but their free will causes what happens later. If they weren't always there, then the very fact that they're in the past alters the past (so they could alter it further).

I think the reason people are confused is they keep mentioning "the original timeline". If there is only one timeline, there is no timeline to be altered.
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