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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"

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I voted Average. I also listened the podcast where Lindeloff and Cuse talked about being really proud of this episode and seeing it as a complement to The Constant. So I was expecting a really awesome episode. Unfortunately it just told us things we already knew, nothing really shocking or mind-blowing. I don't like the character of Faraday's mother and I'm not particularly interested in her story. I'm glad we learned a little more about the Incident and about Faraday's desire to change the past (or future, or whatever you want to call it), but overall the episode seemed to have a lot of filler. Them sitting around in Sawyer's living room, walking through the jungle, Faraday's flashbacks where we learn his parents are bitches...I just didn't find it all that exciting.
I voted Average as well, I think I was too fixated on the notion of it being a companion episode to The Constant (My favorite hour of TV ever!) and when it ended up just being a fairly straight forward flashback episode I was disappointed. A lot of the 1970s hijinks have been underwhelming to me.

For the record, my favorite episode so far this season is Dead is Dead.
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