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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"

^^^ I don't buy that. These are people armed with knowledge about events to come. If they want, they can change things. You can argue that the consequences would be so severe that they wouldn't want to change things. But, that's very different than saying they can't.

I was dissappointed with Ben being saved because it seemed like a lot of wasted time and drama just to get to the point that we already knew. I was hoping for a twist.

I'll be even more dissappointed if that happens with the incident, etc. If we go through a lot of rigamorole only to end up with what we already knew. I'm hoping for a twist.

I'd be happy with a resolution where you can change history but it's very difficult. But, there's no reason why people armed with foreknowledge can't use that to change things.

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