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Re: Star Trek season 1 on blu-ray: April 28

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I also picked up the set at Best Buy yesterday. (BTW I've already got the complete original 40-disc standard DVD collection, so I never bothered with the standard DVD season boxed sets which came a few years later.) The first ep I watched was "A Taste Of Armageddon" which is still one of my top three TOS episodes. It looks absolutely fantastic.

I also like the packaging and package art - simple and understated, yet immediately recognizable as Trek. I am a bit puzzled by the tagline on the back though. I know, "The Best Of Both Worlds" refers to having both the original and enhanced versions of each episode, and of course it's a cute in-joke for TNG fans. But why would Paramount need to pander to TNG fans in marketing a TOS boxed set? Besides, the "Best Of Both Worlds" slogan has long since been co-opted by a certain 'tween idol. I can just see legions of newly minted teen and twentysomething Star Trek fans coming out of the movie and going to Best Buy, seeing the Season 1 Blu-Ray set on the shelves, taking one look at the tagline and, not knowing any better, thinking "Whoa, wait a minute... How could Miley Cyrus have been in TOS?"
it was a common enough phrase before the TNG episode came along and used it as a title. there's no jokery or tween pandering here.
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