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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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Anybody recognize him?
Yep. Quite young there, in fact
That's brilliant photoshoping. I think his face comes from an episode of Heroes. It's amazing how you made him look so young.
Yep, that's Burt Lancaster. Thanks for the compliment, but there wasn't any 'de-aging' going on. Not that skilled yet. I had trouble locating a young version of Burt... finally did, except there was a big "IMAGE" in white font stretched across his chin, so I had to perform a little reconstructive surgery. He still has a scar.

The lighting was difficult to adjust (for me)... it's just so much easier to use other Star Trek screen caps versus ones from other movies & tv programs. More incentive to learn better techniques. I wouldn't doubt that there are Photoshop wizards out there who can take any head and convincingly put it on another body regardless of lighting and shading (assuming of course compatible resolution). That has to be a really fun skill!
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