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Re: Another take on the Original Enterprise...

Okay, I've done a bit on what I discussed earlier... implementing structure and planning out decklines in the secondary hull.

First, a couple of quick views showing the partially-completed internal structure. Note that I set the inside diameter of each of the ring structures to be the same. This is not likely to remain the case... at the very least, I'll trim some of that away. But for now, perfectly-circular works best.

I've decided not to extend the landing bay underneath the pylons. This is in large part due to the following image. Yes, I know, there are many things here that I'm disregarding (and that were disregarded in the construction of the series models and sets and so forth). But it's pretty clear that M.J. intended the hangar to be behind the pylons... and that's enough for me.

Here's the structure I've built so far:

There will be a number of longitudinal sections running from fore to aft, between the various ring segments. At least two of them will run all the way to the aftmost ring in the secondary hull (just inboard of the hangar doors). You can see that ring in this image, as well as the two longitudinal supports.

By laying things out this way, I can start seeing what lines up where, versus the drawings. Now, I'm still using Sinclair as my primary reference, and using other versions for comparison. The next two images show the locations of my current "decklines" versus the structure.

My decks are not all uniform in the secondary hull. At the moment, everything above the landing bay deck is uniform, but I think I'm going to increase the deck height on the landing bay deck... which should make the windows match up much better from that point upwards. The only place that won't help with is with the windows adjacent to the "observation deck" walkway... which is actually less than a deck above the hangar floor, odely enough. Of course, with a smaller ship, this will be even less. So I'll either move those windows higher (which is my preference at the moment) or accept that the observation gallery isn't even a full deck above the landing deck floor.

The hangar deck (below the landing bay) is largely defined by the underside of the landing bay deck, above, and the location of the "red rectangle" (which I definitely see as a hatch) below. This ends up with a 9' 4" height... well, technically, 9' 3-27/32"... for that deck. No, I didn't plan that... it just worked out that way. Very interesting, though.

This, of course, will "barely clear" Warped9's shuttlecraft. At least they can't "bounce" if the ship gets jostled!

Below the hangar deck (two levels below the landing bay) is what the level which is defined by the red box door on the underside fantail. That's definitely a hatch... though to what, I'm still undecided. I like Petri's "workbee dock" but I also like it as a cargo loading hatch... especially since I've made the deck below the "hatch level" dominated by an increased-height cargo bay.

Also, based upon the side elevation, you can see that my "equal segments" pylon isn't acceptable. I'll have to increase the percentage of the total span encompassed by the centermost chamber in the box-beam, to prevent the pylon window from falling on one of the box-beam's internal walls. Unfortunate, since the "three equal segments" is definitely the strongest option. But in this case, I'll just adjust to fit the model.
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