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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"

Above Average. It was pretty fucking good.

The sad part is that Damon and Carlton played it up as a companion piece to "The Constant" so I guess I was expecting something really mind-blowing. And the title practically screamed "sister episode," which it kind of is. But it doesn't mirror it in theme or structure and it doesn't call back plot points from "The Constant." So that's what bugged me.

What was good? Just about everything else. Little Daniel Faraday turned in the only shitty performance of the night. The rest were rock solid. Special mention to Fionnula Flannigan who (through superb acting) unintentionally telegraphed too much in her conversation with Daniel in the diner. The usual suspects were solid as always. Jeremy Davies kind of pissed me off with his aloof performance on the island as usual but he rocked the shit in flashbacks. I'll chalk it up to his character and not his chops.

Sawyer continues to be awesome. I don't know if he's making the right call in heading out to the beach, but he's continuing his trend of being selfless, if not right. He's not going there for his own purposes, that's for sure. He's safeguarding "his people."

Lastly, am I the only one who thinks Phil is going to flip his fucking wig?

I've got a few bullet points, but they'll have to wait for a second viewing.

Welcome back, Lost.
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