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Re: Lost 5x14: "The Variable"


Great episode but like the end of last year it falls victim to filling in answers we already knew and becoming a hollow exercise in plot movement. Eloise and Widmore are Faraday's parents? Check. H-Bomb involved in Incident? Check.

The real surprise for me was that Daniel lost his memory from his own time travel experiment which is the same experiment he did on Teresa. So apparently it seemed fine at FIRST because he then used it on her. Also that he had no short term memory but the Island healed it (I was wondering why he got better as the season went on).

Eloise killing Daniel... I don't know why that didn't surprise me more. I certainly didn't expect him to die in this episode, and I'm pretty pissed they killed him off after his ONE episode after being gone all that time. He was becoming one of my favorite characters dammit! I guess the ole "I'm going to shoot you" bit was a little suspicious.

I really like how Jack is now as a character, just going with the flow with the destiny and the time travel. The opposite of how he used to be. I prefer NuJack.
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