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Re: April Contest Entry: "The Image and the Spirit"

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What a party pooper.
He feels bad enough already...

I think boys will be boys even in the 24th century. The most interesting aspect here to me is the entirely different sensiblity that Hirhul has as a Cardassian. Puberty clearly affects these kids differently.
Like he said to Damon,'s not that he doesn't, or can't, feel anything. This doesn't mean he's never had fantasies. I'm sure he has, and does. And that's why I pointed out that even if it had been an image of a Cardassian woman, he STILL wouldn't have liked what was going on. AND why I pointed out that he could feel it even when this woman wasn't necessarily to his aesthetic. (The neck ridges, as you might recall, are an erogenous zone, like a Ferengi and the lobes.)

Puberty hasn't affected him differently. He IS a teenage boy, just like the others.

And that's part of the point I was trying to make when Damon started assuming at first that it was an issue of not being attracted or hormonal enough. I mean, Damon practically goes down the checklist, like he can't understand this concept of someone actually controlling how they're going to react to those feelings. "Wrong woman? Wrong gender? Sexually immature?"

And that last one REALLY pissed Hirhul off--I mean, I can't figure any guy, religious or not, Cardassian or not, is going to be happy with having his sexuality impugned in public! Because there's nothing wrong with him.

But putting it out on display like these guys did--it's just that he was raised to believe that people are much more valuable than that, that you don't objectify and degrade them. He has his convictions and he's going to stick by them even when that's not popular or easy.
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