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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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The Darkling ()
This episode sucks on so many levels that I've never been able to make it through the whole thing. And I've tried several times, and will again in the near future, as something from this episode turns up in the new Voyager novel and I want to understand whats going on. Or maybe that was just an odd nightmare that I had... I'll have to double check.
Try watching it while playing with a broken popsicle stick, it helps to pass the time. And welcome back, I didn't realise you'd been away so long.

Rise (**)

Get a group of characters, put them in a confined and hazardous space and watch them get on each other's nerves; the results are usually interesting and this episode is no exception. The story that takes place on the space elevator is mostly interesting before the plot takes over. Neelix is bearable and Tuvok isn't an asshole like he was back in Alter Ego.

There is a very good scene where Neelix confronts Tuvok about his hatred for him and how that is an emotional response. I hadn't considered that before, and I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Neelix is right. Tuvok does hate Neelix, and here he comes to realise that which is a big thing for a Vulcan. If the episode had focused on this more then we would have had a real winner.

Unfortunately there's a plot, and not a very good one. There's some boring stuff about artificial asteroids and evil aliens and murders and a lot of other rubbish which the episode didn't need. It should have just been a normal asteroid that hit the planet rather than adding in all this needless plot which gets in the way and ultimately detracts from the episode.

As for the shuttle which crashed, I'm going to be really fair and suggest that it was recovered from the surface somehow, just like the one that crashed in Coda. But they are really pushing me on this issue.

Torpedoes: 21/38

Now as for the situation with Doctor S, I have decided I will no longer call him Shmullus. From now on I'm calling him Shmully in order to really confuse any random people who read the thread.
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