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Re: IRON MAN: ARMORED ADVENTURES: "Iron Forged in Fire" (Spoilers)

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I finally saw the pilot, and I didn't particularly care for it. The animation did not look very good and this show unfortunately reminds me of the unfortunate Spider-Man MTV CGI series.
I didn't see much resemblance. It's the same cel-shaded 3D technology, but aside from that, they're very different in style and content. For one thing, the cel-shading technology is considerably better here, not looking as rough and strange as it often did in the MTV Spidey series. For another, the character designs are stylistically very different. No leading lady who looks like a Roswell alien with a red wig and two bowling balls stuffed under its shirt. And in story terms, the MTV Spidey aspired to a more "adult" sensibility (which mainly meant having people die a lot while having much less sophisticated storytelling than the more "kid-oriented" '90s FOX series), whereas this show is clearly targeting a younger demographic.

Also, they took the "runaway el train running out of track" bit straight out of Spider-Man 2
Oh, that was already a superhero cliche long, long before Spidey did it. "More powerful than a locomotive" has been a defining superhero attribute for nearly 70 years.

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It's hard enough to accept that superheroes have as much free reign as they do in their respective universes. But to expect people to just let kids (and sometimes little kids like Power Pack) to run rampant and do whatever they want is absurd.
There is precedent in literature. Romeo and Juliet were 17 and 15, respectively. And they ran away and got married. (Admittedly, it didn't turn out too well...)

(Oh, and it's "free rein," as in letting up on the reins of a horse and letting it go where it will. Anyone who reigns has automatically got freedom to begin with, so that would be redundant.)
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