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Re: What if a BSG-styled remake of Babylon 5 was made?

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Someone didn't bother watching the pilot for this series, did they? If someone did watch it, they would have heard the line "I was there at the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind." Someone would have noticed that every time there was a voice over - especially season finales - the voice was speaking of the *past* as though this was a future history.

As Londo once said, "I can only assume you have not been paying attention!"
Now, Omaha, I was paying attention (though I didn't see the pilot the first time around) and I did notice that the opening sequences were all in the past tense but I never guessed that the entire series was supposed to be a documentary from the future of the B5 universe (not bothering with spoilers since the very nature of the thread assumes familiarity with both shows).

That said, I honestly don't understand Babaganoosh's claim that the whole series was spoiled for him. After all, we did know that we weren't actually tuning in to the future every week, right? So if we were already aware of watching actors and actresses, what harm was the added layer? Especially since it obviously didn't intrude on your enjoyment the first time you saw it.

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