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Re: Tale of Temporal Gifting: Part 2 [Apr '09 Challenge]

Continuation of above (still part of the challenge!)

On the Excalibur, Captain Calhoun was annoyed for the umpteenth time as the door from the bridge into his ready room opened. His First Officer Katrin Mueller entered. “He is still demanding to see you Captain,” Mueller said.

“He is going to keep it up isn't he?” Calhoun asked.

“Most likely. He wants you, and only you, to tell him why the ship had to change course,” Mueller said.

“I will go to see him right now,” Calhoun said.

Captain Calhoun walked to the guest quarters and pressed the door chime button. The doors opened and Excalibur’s guest came to the door fuming. “Who are you? Are you the Captain of this Starship?” he asked.

“Yes, I am Captain Mackenzie Calhoun of the USS Excalibur, often representing the United Commonwealth of Planets in Sector 221. But I am sure you don’t want to know about that. I am here because you kept demanding an explanation for Excalibur’s course change from me. We have changed course because we are intercepting an unknown ship before it can breach the Romulan Neutral Zone, which I am sure you do not want it do!”

“Don’t you know who I am?” the guest demanded.

“Yes. I do know who you are. You are Gerald T. Davis, originating and primary author of the ‘Galaxies of Wonder Cycle’, of which volumes I have read indicate that it is rather padded with description and trivia,” Calhoun said.

“Padded with description and trivia? That is what makes the Galaxies of Wonder Cycle one of the best Speculative Fiction continuities in the history of the Commonwealth!” Davis said.

“One of the best in the history of the Commonwealth? Oh please, the Lord of the Rings is better! Not to mention many Xenexian sagas that I can think of off the top of my head!” Calhoun retorted. “You have one of the biggest egos of any so-called ‘popular figure’ that I have met, and that is saying something coming from me.”

“Starfleet Command will hear about this!” Davis said, and stepped out into the corridor to more directly challenge Calhoun.

“I am sure that they will, but it will have to wait behind a myriad of other complaints,” Calhoun said. Davis realized that he had gone off topic.

“Noted; but still, I am sure that Starfleet has other vessels that can intercept that intruder!” Davis said.

“Yes it does, Excalibur will be the 6th or 7th vessel to intercept it if the previous vessels are unable to stop it,” Calhoun said.

“Then why divert the Excalibur at all Captain?” Davis asked.

“Because if Excalibur is not in action it may be that the unknown vessel will be able to reach the Neutral Zone, which may lead to a War, Mr Davis, in which you would not be able to travel around the Commonwealth on Starfleet ships promoting your overblown saga!” Calhoun said, almost shouting as his overly long sentence came to an end.

“You keep on saying that the vessel is unknown, but I am sure that you do know what the vessel is, and what it intends to do,” Davis said.

“The nature of the vessel, and its intent, is classified. Therefore I cannot disclose to you any further information. I have told you why Excalibur has changed course and now I am going back to the bridge so I can prepare for our meeting with the intruder. Goodbye.” Calhoun then left, ignoring what Davis was saying, as he went to the turbo lift.

The Operative jolted to attention as the computer chimed. She looked at a screen and saw that 2 Starfleet ships were close to intercepting her course.

“Computer, Identify ships,” she said.

Vessels scanned. 2 Miranda Class Starfleet Ships. Identifications signals and Registration insignia identify the vessels as the CSS Al-Batani NCC 32351 and the CSS Saratoga NCC 31911,” the computer said.

“2 Captains: 1 destined to be a Bajoran religious figure and war hero, and the other to lead an Odyssey across the Galaxy. This is going to be a challenge! Computer lock and load!”

Confirmed. Hybrid beam weaponry and Quantum torpedoes online.

The Operative's ship dropped out of warp and waited for the 2 ships to come to it...

To be Continued...
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