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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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The Excelsior’s space-frame consisted of five integrated main assemblies
shouldn't consisted be in the present tense?

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the primary hull (saucer section), interconnecting dorsal “neck,” secondary hull, warp nacelle pylon assembly, and twin warp nacelles (together comprising the engineering section).
The wording implies either the nacelles comprise the engineering section, or all five parts do (including the saucer).

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The primary hull, or more commonly known as
delete the or

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A bar-like section extending aft
That structure doesn't seem very bar-like to me...

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The interconnecting dorsal is one of the components of the “engineering section.”
Previously established above, although ambiguously.

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(its very horseshoe-shaped horizontal cross-sections
Horseshoes have a concave edge. The cross-sections don't.

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it is now primary void space, save the intermix chamber which spans it vertically and related equipment.
I think you need a comma after vertically

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It is roughly cigar-shaped in design
in design is redundant

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and semi-circular ventral
how about semi-circular vertical cross-section?

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It houses [...] the main deflector dish
Remove dish to avoid redundancy (there's only one dish, so of course it's the main one, but there are presumably other deflectors that aren't dishes).

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Primarily a hollow structure,
Primarily -> Mostly, unless you wish to convey that its purpose is specifically to be hollow.

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the modular Shuttlebay One
What's modular about it?

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which the twin nacelles struts extend.
struts is plural, so nacelles should be singular.

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the entire unit may be separated from the remainder of the ship in an emergency.
separated -> jettisoned

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The bridge unit is an interchangeable module
unit -> complex

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Aft of this at the deck’s rear are the upper housing for the twin deflection crystals that top the intermix chamber
Wouldn't the intermix chamber be at the center of the stack, between the matter injector and antimatter injector?

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When she was originally launched, Excelsior mounted a single, large deflection crystal atop her intermix chamber.
mounted -> was equipped with, since the ship wasn't performing the mounting...

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if current research makes it more workable as is theorized.
current research -> further research and development?

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They all mounted large inertial restraint arms
mounted -> sported

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so named after their inventor, Dr. Michael Okuda.
Maybe he was a computer systems analyst at the ASDB?

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Two turbolift stations serve this bridge
stations -> tubes?
serve -> service

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Stations lining the bridge walls include: engineering support, propulsion, communications, and tactical monitoring at port; three dedicated science statsions and a small master control monitoring station at starboard.
This was probably just a typical or recommended arrangement, instead of a permanent one, given that the Okudagram interfaces could be reconfigured as the captain saw fit.

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circumferential stations
circumferential -> perimeter? It sounds better even though the bridge isn't a polygon.
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