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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 11: (Ending 03.14.93)
DS9: Move Along Home (Airdate 03.14.93)

So imagine this scenario.

Trek's been doing great for the last few years when a new series set on a space station called Deep Space Nine makes its debut, and even manages to get your attention with a string of strong episodes right out of the gate. However, once TNG -the franchise's standard bearer now that TOS has finally 'retired'- comes back from winter re-runs, the new show's rough edges begin to show in comparison. TNG was a well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders through most of February, while DS9... well, wasn't. But hey, that initial run of episodes still showed some potential promise, and now that DS9 has a chance to stand on its own for a little while again now that TNG's back in re-runs, surely they'll release some killer episodes to convince a hesitant audience that might not be quite sold on DS9 yet.

Instead, we get Move Along Home. Problems with this include:
-main characters whom we've yet to really get attached to yet (Sisko, Dax, and Bashir were all notoriously hard sells early on) put into over-long, extended puzzle/danger situations
-the danger-drama scenario ends with the big "it's just a game" cop-out, leading the audience to feel gypped they invested any concern for these characters in the first place
-Quark in far too many early-series groveling scenes
-Kira in an extra bitchy mood (understandable, true, but boy does she grate in this episode)
-the Wadi themselves (for the record, I actually enjoy the level of detail the producers put into creating the culture -I just know many others didn't like them)
-plus, a 'Next Week' teaser suggesting a Ferengi-specific episode...?

Y'know, I'm starting to understand a lot better why folks never gave DS9 much of a chance after this first season.

DS9 still wins this week's Versus, but this is like the New York Islanders winning a game against the Detroit Red Wings because Detroit's plane was snowed in.

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