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Re: Star Trek season 1 on blu-ray: April 28

Can't wait mine should be in tomorrow.

Lets see how much this is running me.

Colombia House VHS release (TOS & TNG)
Paramount Release VHS (all series that were released on VHS, minus about 8 episodes of VOY when I released just to wait its coming on DVD now).

*I seem to remember two TOS sets (not counting colombia house, am I on crack?).

Laser Disc of TOS

Box set DVD's of all series. (the one thing I didn't skip on was the two episode a disc release that hit TOS. I know a boxed set would come out so I did wait.

I also skipped the HD DVD version because I really felt Blu Ray was going to be the winner out of those two formats (and still remember getting burnt on betamax).

So I can't, can't wait to see the difference in these.
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