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Re: Star Trek season 1 on blu-ray: April 28

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Sound level seemed fine to me.

I definitely like the packaging. It's the first Trek DVD set (not counting movies) where I've ever kept the original packaging. The others I all threw away and put in those sleeves you get. I bloody well hate it when DVDs come in such elaborate packaging that you have to take out a box, remove a sleeve, take out another stupid box, etc. etc.
Hm. Weird on the sound.

But I agree with you on the packaging. Though, I didn't think the DS9 packages were so bad. Or the Voyager ones - they were essentially plastic books inside slipcases. The Enterprise boxes were the same once you ditched the ridiculous plastic clamshell on the outside.

But the TNG sets, my, were those annoying.

This set is easy, compact, and quite attractive. I really dig the art.
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