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Re: Another take on the Original Enterprise...

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Spiffy! I've always liked your take on the ringship.
Thanks! It's one of those things that is so ill-defined, you can put more of your own creative juice into it.

I haven't really done much on the Enterprise itself today. Or rather, nothing tangible. However, I did spend some time tonight on something very Enterprise-related... the shuttlecraft and shuttle bay.

I asked Warped9 if he'd mind my using his drawings, and he said OK. I thought I might just use them as reduced-size images to do some sizing, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to have a real shuttle. So, I've started (and only JUST started) making a shuttle model based upon his drawings. I thought I'd caught an error at one point, but it turned out that there was only a scaling factor difference... and I'm now getting the basics of his shuttle down in 3D. I won't do the guts (at least not for the moment) but since I think his work represents the best take on the shuttle to date, I wanted to try to fit that version of the shuttle in.

Here's where that model stands so far. There's a lot of work to go. For the time being, it's sufficient for my needs (determining necessary space), however.

Putting that into the 1067' starship's shuttlebay, it looks like this.

Seen from the side... and parked near the forward bulkhead of the bay (which will be defined by the pylons)...

Now, I was wondering if I needed to use different deck spacing in the secondary hull. In THEORY, using Warped9's shuttle, I could get by without doing so. You'll note that the upper "lips" of the shuttle (indicated by the parallel blue lines) actually intersect a 9' ceiling, and would just barely clear a 9'4" ceiling (see Ancient's post a few lines up). I'm not sure I like being that close, so I may space that deck out a bit more. But technically, it's not "necessary" if I leave this at 9'4" per Ancient's calculation.

Now, a pair of wireframe images to help visualize the general size and shape from end-on and from above.

With the 1080-ish scale, you can fit the whole shuttlebay behind the pylons, though I might choose to "halve" the pylons in this region... I haven't decided yet I'd still really like to keep them continuous all the way to the secondary hull axis... but I don't want to compromise on the on-screen shuttlebay. My intent is to have a pair of "accessways" coming aft next to the pylons from the shuttle parking areas on either side. The area with the elevator will be the repair/maintenance shop, not a parking area... but will have enough space to allow "shifting around" the several shuttles carried by Enterprise.

I'm not sure how many shuttles the Enterprise would carry... I know that this has been debated extensively, but as far as I know, there hasn't been a consensus arrived at, has there?
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