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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

^ 46 pages summed up quite well, I'd say.

The Darkling ()

I was eating an ice-cream while watching this and when I finished it I was left with one of those curvy sticks that's thin in the middle and thick at either end. I twisted it just right and got a mildly interesting shape from it, and eventually I broke it into two long sticks and played with it creating many interesting shapes.

My point? I was more interested in an ice-cream stick than this episode.

The problem with this episode is that Shmullus doesn't turn evil, he gets a second personality which he knows nothing about and that is the one committing all the evil deeds. This is bad for two reasons, 1) Evil Shmullus is an annoying one-note character with absolutely no depth and 2) Shmullus faces no consequences and doesn't have to live with his actions since they weren't his actions.

The idea of Kes feeling she has out-grown Voyager is a good one to explore, but this interesting character exploration is abandoned for the stupid Shmullus story, and at the end she decides to stay anyway which makes the rest of the episode an even bigger insult than it already was. I'm not saying that she should have decided to leave the ship, that would have been as stupid as DS9's Meridian, but the whole concept was used as a plot-device in order to make Evil Shmullus mad when it should have been used as a genuine character story.

The whole episode is an uninteresting, formulaic exercise which just goes through the motions for 45 minutes and has absolutely no consequences.
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