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Re: What is your favorite Star Trek uniform?

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Does anyone here like the uniforms from the future in all good things?
Thought they was ok but again no pockets.
Actually, it didn't occur to me until after I had made the poll that I forgot about the future uniform seen in "All Good Things..." and "The Visitor". Personally, this one ties with ST: TMP for my least favorite uniform.

And since I only commented on the black/gray unis in my first post, I'd like to say that a close second would be the Early DS9/Voyager/Generations uni. It looked very practical as a duty uniform, and that much black I thought was a good change from the revised TNG ones (tho I did like those). The colored shoulders I liked, as well as the pips on the undershirt (which was retained when the undershirt became branch color in the black/gray, whee).

After those, I'd have to say the revised TNG uni. When season 3 came around, it was a VERY welcome change, and I still like them as a good uniform and not just by virtue of being better than the S1-2 uni. The collar and looseness of it made it much more respectable looking I think I share the opinion that Picard's gray uniform with his red jacket that went over it to be really cool. I remember watching "Darmok" and really liking it.
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