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The stories are actually placed by when the Captain is telling the story/ies, the stories themselves usually take place earlier, sometimes at multiple points in the timeline.
If you're dating them by when the captain is in the bar, you should list "Darkness" at the same time as "Improvisations on the Opal Sea," because Picard and Riker are in the bar together just before Taking Wing. As for Picard's story itself, it takes place a few months after the Stargazer is lost, but I wouldn't call that "after Maker," since there are nearly 22 years and several other extant works of SGZ fiction between those tales.

And I question whether it's accurate to list "Darkness," "The Officer's Club," and "Seduced" by the date they're told in the bar, because the part about the captain telling the tale in the bar is not an integral part of any of those stories. It's part of the interstitial material around them, but those three stories have no actual in-story connection to the Captain's Table at all (and "Darkness" isn't even a first-person narrative). I think it would make more sense to list them by when they individually take place and list the interstitial passages separately by when they occur relative to the captains' careers.
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