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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I hope Owen goes to a decent club that should give him a boost because he can still score but has always been a striker who needs the team to be playing well to score, hes not like Rooney or Torres who can lift the team up by themselves. I still feel with there debts Man Utd must look at a free transfer of Owen as good buissness and buy him in the summer mainly because they need a natural goalscorer in there squad and Fegie almost went after him during the last 2 transfer windows.
Rafa was allegedly offered him in the summer for a million and 45k wages, and turned him down. From what I've heard, his back is fucked, and he'll never play at a high level again. He lost interest in football when it became obvious his England days were over, and all he's really after is one last payday so he can focus on his horses.

Talk about Manchester United seems crazy. They dumped Saha, who has more life in him. I bet Spurs sign him though!
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