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Re: ST:TMP BluRay

Data Holmes wrote: View Post
Three questions:

One, how's the approach to starfleet command show look?
12, 13, 14.
Two, how does the kirk travels to the enterprise segment look?
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 12, 13, 22.

The little bit of the stand holding the pod while it travels around is still there.
Three, How does it sound, the audio mix?
My ears and system are unfortunately unqualified to make a judgement.
DS9Sega wrote: View Post
Dunno about the Klingons (you didn't post any captures of the most egregious matte line moments), but I still see the matte lines around the Enterprise.
Compare and contrast.

Not difficult to see the improvement. Of course there are still some lines present in the film... the point is that they've cleaned up one of the worst offending sequences in the film, which just happens to be the first thing the audience sees.

Now carry on being predictably unimpressed.
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