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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

I've been a member of the forum for years, but normally settled for just lurking and browsing the threads. The Star Trek XI board got me stirred up enough to jump into the fray and splash around all fierce and thrashedy. I come back out here to cool off and relax a little.
Enterprise certainly had its problems, but I was a fan for the whole run. I was actually pretty excited to get glimpses of the pre-Federation worlds, even with the annoying "Temporal Cold War" mucking about.
LOVED the fourth season, which was exactly what Ent should have been from the start. I was frustrated as hell when the show got canceled right after it seemed to have hit its stride.

I've been around since the first airing of TOS (I was six when the show premiered.), wallowed shamelessly in the fanzines of the era and have run hundreds of sessions of Trek rpg's over the years.

so. like. "hi!"
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