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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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U.S.S. Excelsior, NCC-2000
Technical Familiarization Resource
Why not Excelsior Class Technical Familiarization Resource?

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Each unit was constructed separately as an independent module at San Francisco Fleet Yards on Earth and then gamma-welded together with the others in drydock in synchronus Earth orbit.
I think it would be difficult to lift the primary and secondary hulls into orbit if not under their own power.

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The primary hull, or more popularly the “saucer section,”
or more popularly -> more commonly known as / also known as

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is considered to be the main hull component.
primary == main, so these words don't really add anything

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main crew accommodations
implying there are accommodations for a non-main crew?

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food preparation and laundry systems
How about galleys and mess halls instead of food preparation systems? How about the ship's library, gymnasium, and recreational facilities, like the the bowling alley?

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A spar extending aft along the longitudinal axis of the saucer section
What's a spar? I can't find a fitting definition.

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upper intermix chamber, which extends downward to the deflector alcove in the secondary hull
to -> towards, maybe, since the lower chamber would actually be above or behind that alcove.

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The interconnecting dorsal [...] its very chevron-shaped horizontal cross-sections
Chevron == V-shaped. The cross-sections are more like half of an ellipse.

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perfectly curved ventral
Perfectly curved? Perhaps semi-circular?

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It houses main engineering and primary warp power systems,
primary -> the primary

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Primarily a hollow unit
unit -> volume / structure

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the secondary hull houses Shuttlebay One and the Main Cargo Storage Facility, Shuttlebay Two mounted at the fantail atop the dorsal, and the twin fore and aft torpedo launchers.
the secondary hull houses Shuttlebay One, the Main Cargo Storage Facility, Shuttlebay Two (at the fantail on the dorsal plane), and three torpedo tubes (two fore, one aft).

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The warp nacelle pylon assembly is composed of an elliptical hemisphere
elliptical hemisphere is an oxymoron. Semi-ellipsoid would be more technically correct, but it's awkward. I suggest elliptical dome instead.

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mounting the twin warp nacelle struts.
from which the twin nacelle struts extend.

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It is streamlined for greater warp performance.
Do you mean the physical shape is streamlined, or the inner workings are optimized?

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the main high-gain subspace antenna
main -> primary

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The bridge module originally equipped to the Excelsior
equipped to -> installed on / mated to

I like to think the Star Trek III bridge was an ejectable test bridge with its own propulsion system, like the one mentioned in the TNG-TM. Although it would be unfair for the bridge to eject in the event of a transwarp test failure, while those stuck in Engineering had nowhere to go...

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They all mounted large inertial restraint arms that some crew nicknamed “bear arms,” so described because in transwarp flight these mssive arms
mssive -> massive

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“Bear arm” chairs, however, heralded the end of physical seating restraints
Since when has Starfleet ever used seat restraints? Besides that one epsiode of TNG where the shuttle did a complete roll?

Well, maybe in Enterprise on a few occasions...

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The upgraded Captain’s chair, and helm and nav consoles
Remove the comma

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retain nearly the same locations
retain -> retained

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A small table has been provided in front of the Captain’s chair for his convenience.
The only Starfleet ship bridge with a flat surface to set beverages down!
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