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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Come on, it's full of double entendres! What's the actual context though? What was Janeway "especially good" at last night?
I believe she did a ballet at the talent show, while Tuvok did some boring poetry reading.

Blood Fever (***)

A great episode? No. A fun episode which has some good character moments. I think so. Depending upon how you view it I suppose you could just remember this episode as the one where B'Elanna runs around in a sweaty tank-top trying to get laid, but I think there was something more here. Tom in particular comes across as a very good character, the white-knight who refuses to give into what he wants because he values B'Elanna too much. He reminds me of myself...

Okay fine, I would have nailed her like there was no tomorrow, but I would have felt bad about it afterwards. You know, after I told everybody on the ship.

My big problem with the episode is the ending because it is yet another cop-out. Firstly, Vorik somehow beams down to the planet and prevents Voyager from contacting the away team or sending down a team using transporters or shuttles. How dumb is this crew that they can be out-witted by a sex-craved Vulcan? Oh right, they were outwitted by the Ferengi only a few weeks ago.

But the biggest problem is the fact that both B'Elanna and Vorik's pon farr goes away after a short fist-fight. 45 minutes and that is all that needed to happen? Of course this is just a way of writing themselves out of having to deal with the consequences of having B'Elanna sleeping with Tom or Vorik, or B'Elanna killing Vorik. It feels like a cheat ending because that's what it is.

Unity (****)

Ah, back when the Borg were still terrifying. I remember jumping out of my chair when watching this as a kid and the Borg cube appeared on screen.

I only have minor issues with this episode, such as how Riley was assimilated at Wolf 359 and not killed when that cube exploded, or the red-shirt death at the beginning. I also think this episode would have been better if the cooperative had always planned to take control of Chakotay if Janeway rejected their proposal, because the episode seems to imply that they did it because they were under attack and about to be killed. I'm also confused as to why they are back in the Nekrit Expanse when there wasn't a mention of it in the last two episodes, but at least this was a small nod toward continuity.

But other than those issues I found this to be a very good episode, the best of the season so far. It is a good use for Chakotay as a character, it is a good Borg episode and it has some neat foreshadowing for Scorpion. And I love the ending sentiment of the episode, things aren't neatly wrapped up and there is the possibility that things could go badly in this region of space because of Voyager's presence.
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