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Re: *~Star Trek Books FAQ Latest Edition~*

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Marie1, would you want to change the CoE link to the Memory Beta page? The pages there are more detailed, and IMO tend to be a better resource when it comes to the books, comics, and whatnot.
I only used that link as a good list of what was made, by whom, and what was printed- it was too long IMO to list all 70 stories. There are a several other links listed for sources of other book information.

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So that we don't have random posts in the middle of the FAQ I have deleted those two posts and copied them here

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Why is the Terok Nor trilogy listed as part of the DS9 post-finale series?

Also, I don't usually see that Captain's Table book listed under the VOY post-finale series. Should it be considered in there along with the others? Didn't Riker have a Captain's Table book that isn't considered a part of Titan?
The Terok Nor series is listed with the Lost Era section, but since it's obviously part of DS9, I put it in that reading list too, as was discussed in the old FAQ thread.

Looking into the Capt. table book... what should be done with it? Every series has one of those stories...
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