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Re: Another take on the Original Enterprise...

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Well done! As a youngster I remember looking at the FJ blueprints and being disappointed that all the TV action appeared to occur on only one deck in one particular corridor. I love big corridors and all, but this standardization makes the show make sense again. Thank you!
Well, you're welcome... but believe me, I'm as pleasantly-surprised as anyone at just how easily this is all falling together. Almost as if the guy who did the original work might have actually had some of this in mind... sorta makes you go "hmmmmm."
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Hey ... that gizmo on the front circular glowing ports looks kind of familiar. Did you intentionally evoke Nomad? Okuda did almost the same thing, sticking the shape in engineering on 1701-D.
Glad someone caught that... even though I altered it later on to look a bit LESS "nomad-y." My first-pass looked exactly like Nomad in-section like that, but I thought that was maybe just a bit TOO "cheesy."

FYI, the "gizmo" is a long-range, high-power scanner. There are three of them, with one facing directly forward and one to either side a few degrees offset (with overlapping cones of observation). Along with the dish (which is a totally different technology and which collects other forms of information as a result) you have the main "eyes" of the starship.

What you see on the main viewer, in fact, is a computer-generated image composited from the data collected by the many sensors and scanners throughout the ship, and with significant processing associated with the resultant imagery. You're not looking out a "window into space," but rather at a "composite data representation" of what's REALLY out there, but altered to make it more useful (for instance, making ships which may be millions of kilometers apart seem to be a few hundred meters apart, so that both ship's actions can be seen at once... or altering the nearly-imperceptable levels of light in space into something which seems almost like "studio lighting.") And of course, as a typical rule, the image seen omits any visual indication of the starship hull unless otherwise requested.

What you see in there are these three "scanner-telescopes" sharing a common ... well, think of it as a "water cooling jacket." You only see the aperature from outside, of course, but there's a lot more hardware inside.

Anyone who's familiar with my "Vega" class ship (originally my Titan design submission, and seen in small scale in my avatar) knows about the "nose" that seems to rub some folks the wrong way. But realize, that "nose" on the Vega is just a larger, more complicated and more sensitive version of this same "forward scanners" concept which I've been in favor of for as long as I can recall. But while the 1701 has three "telescopes," the Vega has an array of several hundred, all more powerful than the ones on the 1701, forming a "synthetic aperature array."
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