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Re: What if a BSG-styled remake of Babylon 5 was made?

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And one of the things I found confusing on the original show was that Sinclair seem a little on and off when it comes to the Minbari. In Midnight on the Firing Line, he seem to have come to terms with what happened in the Battle of the Line and accepted that the Minbari are Earth's allies. But in the Sky Full of Stars, when he was being held captive and having his mind intruded, he reveals his anger towards the Minbari and how scarred he was by the Battle of the Line. That's Sinclair we should have seen more of. But I gather get that from Sheridan than from him because at least his portrayal of it should seem less wooden and incoherent, and more emotional and consistent.
It's not that he's wooden, he's under a huge strain. Like any good military man, he knows that one minute he's got to fight and kill people and the next minute the same people are allies. Internal conflict arrises when he also becomes friends with at least one of the race which killed his friends and tortured him.

He also knows that as just a Commander, he never should have gotten command of B5 and that every move he make will be scrutinized. Given the visibility of the job, he knows that there are plenty of people who'd like nothing better than to pounce if he makes a mistake. Even so, he wants to do the right thing, not just the convenient thing.

Next time you watch it, look at Sinclair as a man a) suffering from PTSD and b) holding a command far out of his depth and having to cope while under a microscope. I think you'll find subtleties there you hadn't noticed before. Sinclair just didn't wear his emotions on his sleeve or chew the scenery like others do.

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