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Re: Another take on the Original Enterprise...

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... Seriously.. didn't mean to cause problems. I have to admit, it's hard to judge by sight, since I'm running this 30" 120hz panel and those images only span half my screen....
Okay. Now I'm trying to decide if my envy for you has spilled into loathing. I hope you get whiplash using that thing, you ... you ... you glutton!

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I've done a bit more with internal layout and windows. The really interesting thing is that the "ring corridor set" used in the physical sets really makes a LOT of sense, especially at this scale. There are six decks where this is the ideal corridor size. The "weapons deck" has a smaller corridor (but since we've only seen this deck once, in "Balance of Terror," and only seen the corridor once as Spock ran back to the phaser control room) I don't have a problem with a minor tweak to what was seen on-screen there.
Well done! As a youngster I remember looking at the FJ blueprints and being disappointed that all the TV action appeared to occur on only one deck in one particular corridor. I love big corridors and all, but this standardization makes the show make sense again. Thank you!

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Hey ... that gizmo on the front circular glowing ports looks kind of familiar. Did you intentionally evoke Nomad? Okuda did almost the same thing, sticking the shape in engineering on 1701-D.
Twinkies are back. I knew they couldn't stay away from me for long.
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