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Re: What if a BSG-styled remake of Babylon 5 was made?

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It might actually be good.

Most of B5's actors were quite good - possible exceptions of Christian and Doyle. If Boxleitner, Furlan or Katsulas ever seemed wooden it was due to the severe deficiencies of the material. The women found the sexual innuendo particularly embarrassing to play simply because it was so ham-handed and juvenile.
Actually, while I've heard that Mira Furlan was embarrassed by the 'cramps' scene, Larry DiTillio reported that Claudia loved that episode.

ETA: I wonder about those who think B5 would have been better without it being the single vision of one person. I generally think they're letting their opionion of JMS the man color their opinion of the show. because inevitably there are also complaints about the 'stand-alone' episodes and the weakness of the first season.

One of the issues I had with BSG is that they would have episodes about problems that made perfect sense, such as the black market, but the problem didn't build up, it just suddenly became the crisis of the week. With JMS as the single writer for much of B5, he was able to set things up weeks and months in advance. Most people see that as one of the show's major strengths.


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