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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius "Better a Soul than a King

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I like this, it really captures the essence of the alt Dukat. The neck in particular is spot on. (and what more could be important when drawing a Cardassian)
Ha! That feature was the easiest for me to remember, when it comes to Dukat.

His eye ridges are also pretty easy to remember...they have a very distinct way of "angling" whereas some Cardassians really have a very rounded structure to the hooked sections.

But the rest...I can definitely see where I goofed the nose and jaw areas. Oh well. I figure Cardassians use ridging as a main identifier.

BTW--if you can ignore the creepy context of the episode this came out of, and just imagine the expression is for a GOOD reason and not an instance of not understanding that no means no...I could SO see this expression on my AU Dukat. (I found this while working on my avatar contest submission for this week, and boy did it catch me off guard. That is so NOT a usual Dukat face...)
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